qgi was established in 2007 to ensure a consistent supply of high quality, high-performance glass that meets the rapidly expanding needs of the design and building industry in Qatar. The companyís mission is to provide Qatari architects, and the construction and fabrication industries with advanced, high-performance glass products that comply with international quality and safety standards, together with the flexibility and a delivery schedule to satisfy local needs that only local manufacture, processing and support services can deliver.

To meet these robust criteria, qgi has created an international-standard production facility, featuring state-of-the-art equipment from the respective leaders in their fields of glass processing, tempering and double glazing. Staffed by highly qualified management and experienced technicians, this new facility has ample processing capacity capable of satisfying the rapid current growth and anticipated demand for glass by major projects, commercial and residential buildings in Qatar, for several years to come.

qgiís state-of-the-art machineries provide architects with a range of technically and aesthetically advanced glass the satisfy the needs of modern designs and high-performance standards thus making the visions of architects a reality.
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