Our Factory with an area of 4000 sq. meters is located on St.53 of Industrial Area which boasts of state-of-the-art advanced machineries, equipment and software to the tune of Qr.50 million and has a production capacity of 600,000 m2 per annum. Further, the machineries and equipment are well supported by qualified and experienced managers, technicians, supervisors, helpers etc. to bring out exceptional quality products certified by international standards.

Some of our machineries are as listed below:

    8 Tempering and heat-strengthening line:Tamglass of Finland supplied the latest     Pro-E convection furnace, capable of high-capacity production of the best quality     optical vision glass,including super Low-E and high-performance soft-coated tempered     glass.

    8 Cutting line: Lisec of Austria supplied a flat glass     cutting production line equipped with automatic     transport and positioning.

    8 Insulated double-glazing line: Lisec in Austria     supplied the latest advanced technology, high     capacity insulated double-glazing line.

    8 Glass processing machines: Advanced machines     supplied by Schiatti, Lovati, and Beltex in Italy enable     quality machine edging, shape edging, drilling and     arising.

    8 Automated sandblasting machine: Supplied by Dynamiki in Greece enables the     mass production of decorated and textured glass.

    8 Edge Deletion: Lisec of Austria is an unrivalled leader in edge deletion machines for     removing metallic coatings around the edges of Low-E glass.

    8 Schiatti edging, polishing and mitring machine:     The Schiatti SME 10B is a vertical straight line edging     machine for producing flat edges, arrises and mitring.

    8 Bent spacer frame: Lisec of Austria was the     forerunner in the area of bent spacer frame     production and continues to set the standard for     advanced technology and quality

    8 Vitrododi Beltex 111: This state-of-the-art machine     is used to arris edges on both straight and shaped     glass sheets.

    8 Lovati shape edging machine: The Lovati LOV-1000 is a semi-automatic machine     for grinding the bevel and edge on shaped glass with internal curves, external curves,     straight-line sides and mitred corners.

    8 Schiatti drilling machine: QGI uses a Schiatti FPD     60 drilling machine from Schiatti in Italy for drilling     precision holes to create points of attachment and     meet other specialised drilling needs for architectural     and structural glass.
qgi has procured the latest technological heavy duty cranes from Demag Germany: a heavy duty 5 tons Jib crane installed on the main entrance to speed up unloading glass trucks with high security and precision where the glass box is unloaded easily from truck and handed-over directly to the heavy duty overhead crane placed inside the factory where its role is to place the glass boxes on the storage racks and also to carry those boxes to the free-fall rack of the automated cutting table. Logistics Systems of Austria supplied us with heavy duty mobile, fixed and storage racks with special racks for double glazing line easing up glass manipulation for each project in particular. RBB- Italy supplied us with both automatic suction lifter and clipper to enable carrying thick huge glass sheets and forward it to the cutting table with the support of the overhead crane to eliminate the risk of glass breakage that might exist by carrying those sheets manually by labor effort.

qgi also procured the latest water treatment plant that will provide our fully automated Lisec washing machines with purified water ensuring that the glass washed up with treated warmed water will not leave any traces on the processed glass.

All these heavy duty machinery were not considered a complete and total system to execute if not supported by the latest technological software provided by Lisec-Austria where its major role is to control the whole production process by barcode label on each glass sheet. The information is then transferred to management by network where the daily production capacity is immediately calculated providing the customers with immediate exact information about their project situation.

The heavy duty overhead creane has a dual role:
  • Place glass boxes on the storage ranks.
  • Carry glass boxes to free fall rack of the automated cutting table.
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