qgis state-of-the-art equipment provides architects with a range of technically andaesthetically advanced glass that fulfil the needs of contemporary designs and performance standards. Our all-new facility with state-of-the-art machinery is equipped to satisfy the various demands for high-performance glass by offering a range of glass types, finishes and finishing processes. Our outstanding production line includes:

    8 Automated glass cutting for straight &shape cutting.

    8 Heat strengthened & tempered glass of high performance reflective & solar energy     (Low-e) glass applicable where safety glazing is required, extreme wind loads,shop     fronts and fireplace enclosures.

    8 Processed glass treatment: edging, drilling, bevelling, shape edging all according to     customers requirements.

    8 Frameless shopfronts, glass facades, partitions, shower enclosures, fireplace     enclosures, frameless doors with different assemblies, glass stairs, glass balustrades     and panoramic glass elevators.

    8 Bolted glass for spider shopfronts facades in different     applications according to the designed requirements.

    8Sandblasted patterned glass.

    8 Insulated double glazed units suitable for residential     and commercial glazing such as compounds, villas     and towers

    8 Decorative glass & mirrors of various shapes and      designs.

    8 Ceramic color tempered glass.

    8 Ultra- Violet( UV ) glass bonding.
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